Software Development Pipline Consulting

With over 5 years in leading and training teams of software developers, we can offer architecture training, CI/CD pipeline development, and software development process consulting. We can help you increase developer productivity, decrease bugs in production, and improve deployment reliability and security.

Website Development

Build beautiful, eligant, and fast websites to serve your customers with ecommerce, payment, and membership needs. We make use of cloud services such as AWS to provide the safest and fastest experience possible. We’ve built websites ranging from traditionaly PHP-backend applications, static HTML sites, to fully interactive PWAs.

Tools used:

Ecommerce Consulting

We offer our experience in building and operating ecommerce websites and apps that span multiple countries and currencies that account for taxes in various territories, a multitude of payment processors, and order tracking.

Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting

Getting your physical products to your customers in a timely and cost-effective manner can be a difficult challenge. We have a large amount of experience with EDI processes, ERP integrations, and warehouse management in which we are confident we can advise and help build your supply chain technology to ensure success of your sales.